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Wearable Art - Tapestry Designer Jewelry
by Jan Barnes

Tapestry Jewelry Logo
Tapestry Agate Jewelry Necklace by Jan Barnes

Original Jan Barnes Wearable Art Tapestry Jewelry is sold
through the parent company Over Home Creations.
A description of Tapestry Jewelry is below.

Purchase Tapastry Designer Jewelry at any Show listed in the Show Schedule.

Jan Barnes Wearable Art Jewelry encompasses a variety of techniques that create original and custom ordered designs. Each piece of jewelry is unique and there is never a repeated design no matter what materials and methods are used. Every necklace, bracelet, or pair of earrings is a one of a kind creation.
Relying upon nature as the basis for all Tapestry designs, Jan Barnes Wearable Art Tapestry Jewelry contains sculpted flowers and leaves or uses petal and leaf stones to mimic the organic sense of Earth elements. Crocheted and multi-strand necklaces are enhanced with crystals, pearls, and semi-precious stones and earrings incorporate stones and beads from many sources. Each original piece of jewelry creates a connection between the buyer and the natural surroundings that encompass the world of the wearer.