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Sizing Your Leather Bracelet
Jan Barnes - Jewelry Designer

A complicated question because the answer is...it depends.

When purchasing an Over Home Leather Creations Bracelet in person, the buyer would try on a number of leather bracelets until the perfect one was just right in fit, feel, and length. When ordering online, there are things you can do to determine how to make the correct ordering choice and purchase the correct size/length leather bracelet.

1. Where do you want the bracelet to sit on the wrist and how loose or tight do you want it to feel?
Everyone is different and, as your jewelry designer, I want to be sure that you give me the the best measurement to create your leather bracelet as a perfect fit, wearable without necessary changes. When an Over Home Leather bracelet arrives at your door, my goal is that it is a leather bracelet of superior quality, sized perfectly, and ready to wear.

2. Do you want the bracelet to be worn above the writst bone or rest below it, lying on the top of the hand?
If you want the bracelet to be worn above the wrist bone, wrap a flexible measuring tape around the wrist in that location just above the wrist bone.
If you want the bracelet to be worn below the wrist bone, measure the wrist between the wrist bone and the top of the hand.
If you do not have a measuring tape wrap a strong string around your wrist. For accuracy, be sure to use a string that does not stretch.

3. Pinch, or mark, the tape measure where it meets around your wrist and record that measurement. If using a string, indicate the desired length of string required to represent your measurement then, measure that length of string against a flat ruler.

4. Go to the AVAILABLE NOW page to order stock leather bracelets or to the DESIGN YOUR OWN page to create a one of a kind leather bracelet to individual specifications.

NOTE: All bracelets are created using INCHES in 1/8 inch increments from 5 to 11 inches.
Contact Jan Barnes for any questions, custom needs, or specialty orders.